Stylish lighting adds a sophisticated luxurious finish to any room. The right choice of chandelier provides a focal point that is both elegant and practical. TD Chandeliers can provide advice and offer suggestions as to the most suitable lighting arrangement for any internal setting. The company prides itself on attention to detail when it comes to installing and cleaning a wide range of lighting options for both homes and businesses.


The installation process begins with an inspection of the electrical supply, the hanging point and means of support. This is carried out by an engineer to determine what is needed for a successful installation. Once an installation plan has been agreed with the client, the process can begin by assembling the chandelier and every piece is hand cleaned to ensure sparkling results. The chandelier can then be hung and electrical supply connected.


The utmost care is taken when dismantling a chandelier. Once taken down, it is closely inspected to identify any imperfections and damage which may not be visible when suspended. Any imperfections found by the engineer will be photographed and the client will be alerted immediately. During disassembly the engineer will inspect each piece before it is individually wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap to protect it. The pieces are individually labelled with a description of where each one belongs in the chandelier assembly.


At TD Chandeliers every part is professionally cleaned, from wall lights and small pendant fittings to ornate candelabras and large chandeliers. Using a unique cleaning solution, each piece of glass, metal framework and bulb is hand cleaned and polished. This can be done in situ or, where necessary, after completely dismantling the chandelier to access hard-to-reach places. The utmost care is taken when handling all components.

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